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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by mrmatt, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. mrmatt


    Would like to open an account to do some paper trading. Any recommendations on an online program I can use?
  2. piezoe


    You did not say what you are interested in trading. The thinkorswim platform is the best for paper trading of options and very good for US stocks. It is OK for the index futures as well. Not good for international exchanges and ag commodities though.
  3. omniscient

    omniscient Guest

    most charting platforms (IB, Sierra, etc) offer sim accounts, but, as the previous post mentioned, you'd get more appropriate answers if you give more detail on what you want to trade.
  4. mrmatt


    Was looking at trading US stocks right now. Would like to learn and trade FOREX but need to learn more and read up on it.
  5. Def use LIGHTSPEED if you want to use a simulator for trading equities. I trained on their simulator and it is very good.
  6. mrmatt


    Thank you for the feedback and pointing the new guy in the right direction. I signed up with think or swim. I think it will be a good tool for me.
  7. The live cnbc alone on the think or swim is pretty nice to I think you have to subscribe to cnbc online if you want it but you probably get more features as well, you can also paper trade fx on it and print out your P&L, very cool stuff that TOS paper trade platform is.