Paper Day Trading Software

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by TradingBillions, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. What is some good software that can paper day trade stocks in the US exchanges?

  2. jolor


    Get IB paper trade account.
  3. button trader looks like exactly what i need... i dont have it yet though. :/
  4. Yes, using the simulator built in BT as a front-end for IB is your best bet. The simulator is very accurate, with slippage too, and, best of all, when you decide to go for real trading everything stays the same as it was when simulating. Superbly reliable and very comfortable to use.

  5. goddam damn it i know it and i want it so bad...

    i limit the amount of time i spend of trading ideas just for my sanity!

    not my primary career.

    its an honor to talk to the true professionals on this board.
  6. Well thanks for the advice maybe I should have been more specific.. I am looking for a scalping paper trading account. One that I can enter and exit positions real fast.
  7. Well now that is a horse of another color...

    There is this little feature on TOS platform called "SETUP"

    And under this little feature is a thing called an option

    And that option allows you to AUTO TRANSMIT an Order with shift click. Now lets say perhaps you open the TOS platform and tear off a Quotes page.... and you use that quote page for all your order entrys and exits, after you have "SETUP" your standard order type and size....

    Now you SHIFT click on the bid or ask, and Viola' Order placed.

    Paper trading at scalping speeds.

    I hope my dripping sarcasm didn't override your understanding that you should THOROUGHLY investigate the suggestions people give to you before you enter a standard... IT WONT WORK FOR me styled statement.

    Thanks and happy Trading...