Papandreou wanted to renogiate bail-out terms and then put it to the referendum

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  1. Mr Papandreou was summoned to an emergency meeting in Cannes on the eve of Thursday’s G20 gathering of the world’s leading economies in a bid to clarify the situation before the summit got under way.

    The Greek prime minister wrote to European Union leaders on Tuesday detailing plans to renegotiate parts of the Brussels bail-out deal, which would then be put to a referendum, the senior official said.

    “Nobody is going to negotiate with the threat of a referendum,” the official said. “They cannot expect people to put money there. We came to an agreement and two days afterwards they say they can’t implement the agreement. That is not serious.”

    Let this gentleman and his country default! Please do it! Please !!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
  2. Have believed for a long time this chapter of western economics ends with coordinated sovereign default throughout the G8 (with obvious knock-on effects). What I didn't appreciate until now is that perspective may have been the optimistic one.

    These clowns are walking a mighty thin tightrope over the mouth of a volcano...

  3. Sorry and its sad, it won't happen.
    Europe is not Asia - here you can lay on beach, do nothing but produce babies and the State is happy to support you and your "family".

    Work, effort, creativity has no value in Europe. Masses incl. growing legions of pensioners are used to free lunch.

    Long term, i'm pretty sure real estate prices in Europe will slump 40-70% , except Germany, Monaco and Luxembourg.

    Great scenario for everyone who sits on KING CASH being mortgage free.
  4. +1