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    Hey anyone know how Papa John's got so big?
    The founder graduated from High School in 1980 and sold his car to start his first location. They have over 3,000+ locations in 30 Countries.

    What separates him from the mom and pop pizza joints that barely survive.
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    I dunno but I do like their pizza.
  3. The garlic dipping sauce? :D

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    Joe, when I lived in Gainesville, just 90 minutes north of you, both Papa Johns and Dominos were the two highest grossing pizza stores in the entire country. Both owners cleared 7 figures a year. The business was off the charts. I'm betting that 10% of their stores do insane business, while 90% of them are marginally profitable. It's all about location.
  6. Sounds like they should rename the city Gainesweightsville :)
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    Probably one of the fittest cities in the country. Never saw so many guys with 6-pack abs and girls who wore next to nothing to class with perfect bodies. Yeah, it was a nice place to live. :D
  8. 1) Is Gainesville, (Florida?), a "college/university" town? If so, you can do a lot of business with the students. :)
    2) Papa John's and Domino's have horrible pizza. :(
    3) 90/10?......The Pareto Principle in action? :eek:
    4) Is the founder of Papa John's a Pizza Hut or Little Caesar's "alumnus"? :confused:
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    Yes, college town. About 50k students at UF. Another 15k students at Sante Fe Community college. Oh yeah, one other thing. The students are absolutely loaded. Yes, it's a great town to own a business and get filthy stinking rich.
  10. That garlic dipping sauce and the pepperoncini go a long way. Papa John's biggest competitor is Dominos who Dominated the pizza delivery market 10 years prior. What Papa John's did was give more of a better product for less money and the people saw that. He took material market share from Dominos. Find any dominated industry and provide more of something better for less money and you're going to be a success all other factors being equal.
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