Papa John's CEO: My Obamacare claims were twisted

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    Papa John's CEO: My Obamacare claims were twisted

    Papa John's founder and CEO John Schnatter wrote Tuesday that the media had it all wrong in its reporting on his comments on how the national health care law known widely as "Obamacare" will negatively impact his business.

    "Many in the media reported that I said Papa John's is going to close stores and cut jobs because of Obamacare," he wrote in the Huffington Post. "I never said that. The fact is we are going to open over hundreds of stores this year and next and increase employment by over 5,000 jobs worldwide. And, we have no plans to cut team hours as a result of the Affordable Care Act."

    Schnatter, who supported and fundraised for Mitt Romney in the presidential election, went on to say that while his company is still researching the impact of the law, "we will honor this law, as we do all laws, and continue to offer 100% of Papa John's corporate employees and workers in company-owned stores health insurance as we have since the company was founded in 1984."

    Schnatter wrote that his remarks to a class at a Florida college were taken out of context. According to his telling, he was asked if franchise owners would cut back hours to make them part time in order to keep from having to provide health insurance. "Well, in Hawaii there is a form of the same kind of health insurance and that's what you do, you find loopholes to get around it," he responded. "That's what they're going to do." He also called it "common sense" that some business owners would cut hours to avoid paying for health insurance.

    Schnatter stressed Tuesday that he was taking about the actions he expects Papa John's franchisees to take, not the plans of his company. "Since our franchisees own the restaurants they operate, who they hire, how many hours they give each employee and what they pay each employee is up to them, not me or Papa John's," he wrote. He also noted that he told the class that he was "cool with" more Americans getting health care and that under the health care law "I get to provide health insurance and I'm not at a competitive disadvantage ... our competitors are going to have to do the same thing."
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    A few FBI agents probably met him at a store and placed an "order"; if you know what I mean.
  3. I guess he's feeling the heat

    I used to love Papa Johns pizza,was my fav of the pizza chains and I personally ordered multiple pizzas from them a month .I buy my crew lunch daily.At least once per week when we eat pizza for lunch it was always multiple pizzas from papa johns.After he first spoke out against Obamacare months ago I completely stopped eating and ordering pizza from them,not one pizza not one slice .Pizza hut ,dimonos or pizza from Italian restaurants only.

    I guess I wasn't the only one
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    Tsing Tao

    These companies will still cut hours and costs through employees. They just won't make a political statement and do it quietly. But make no mistake, they will have to cut costs for added expense, raise costs to the consumer, or go out of business.
  5. All businesses do what they have to do to stay in business. Some are cutting to 30 hours per week, in a ploy to try to save money. If they find that they lose valuable employees, then they will have revert back to normal business practices. All this hyperbole over such basic business decisions, I just don't see why. We, who have to deal with a few hundred employees usually figure things out. However, I have to admit, the last few months dealing with the Euro reg's have been a bit much on my psyche.
  6. Supply and Demand will always win out over ideological crapola.
  7. yeah right :D :D
  8. Right, which is exactly why obamacare is doomed to fail.
  9. Yes. Fate will rule.

    So what's your worry? What complaint have you? In a few years, you will be vindicated. Romney v.1.2 will be elected and take his rightful place in the Oval Office. Obamacare will be history and you won't have to obsess over whether to breach the 250k mark.

    It's the law asshole. Not ideological crapola. Oops............ I strung two anal related phrases back to back. Or should that be front to back?
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    Since when does that mean anything or make it right?
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