Panzhihua New Steel & Vanadium cash option on the right

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    Market account Stock code name of the shareholder equity balance of purchase price available balance of the cost price to achieve break-even price of the market value of floating & loss ratio (%) Currency Shenzhen A-share 1,300,051,273,801,338,013 828200000-50 ÈËÃñ±Ò ask, I have this right to choose how to use the cash? "Cash option in the second period of their need to exercise the right to hold Panzhihua Steel and Vanadium stock, may exercise the corresponding cash amount of the second option", this mean? How much stock do I need to hold only "the exercise of the corresponding cash amount of the second option," I is the number corresponding ah?
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    Did you get lost on the way to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange?
  3. Yes!