Panoramic LCD setup q&a

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    Hi, has anyone tried one of these?

    Looks ok, a viewsonic thin-bezel display, small at 18" but a few on top of my 21" crts linked together might be nice..

    Also a q for those who know more about LCDs than I ... would it work ok to create a near-seamless 3-monitor panoramic display by simply trimming the edge cases of the monitors and butting the panels together directly?

    Seems like it would be easier to do this with LCDs, rather than CRTs .. anyone have ideas?

    I don't want to go $5-$10 grand on the currently available apple and other panoramics out there..


  2. Dell has a couplle of nice monitors. I like the very thin frame aroun dthe monitor. My buddy has them, I still trade of a big ass 19" VGA, provides nice heat in the winter.
  3. My current setup is two 19" Samsung 191T flat panels and one 17" sony flat screen CRT. The 191Ts have a very thin bezel, and when placed next to each other, almost looks like one large screen. I have a third 191T on order. I'm also ordering the triple monitor stand from Ergotron, so my setup will look like this:


    -FastTrader :cool:
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    thx fast trader, others.. yeah these stands:

    might simplify things a bit... once I figure out which displays to use..

    I was thinking too, it would be great to have close-to"no bezel", though it would scrap the warranty, by tinkering a bit and cutting the edges of the display cases (eg left monitors' right edge, center monitor both edges, right monitors' left edge) off, then positioning them together...

    one of those ergotron or similar stands, would be helpful especially if going to do a 2-row config..

    anyone see any problems with creating that kind of a seamless LCD monitor wrap? I'll post a pic if/when I get it done ...

    Main benefit, is if you've seen those wide panoramic ones, they're great looking, just too much $$ at $5,000-$10K apiece... so this might be a good alternative, for those who are handy with component alterations... though admittedly not for most i guess... ideas?

    thx all
  5. Ken, I don't think it's worth it to cut the edges. The 191T looks fine.
  6. gnome


    You didn't want to simply place 3 monitors next to each other on their own stands and save $335?

    Just wondering.
  7. [​IMG]

    (not shown in pic)

    TradeStation upper left
    Bloomberg upper right
    RealTick lower left
    ET lower right!
  8. No.

    -FastTrader :cool:
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  10. Ken, Samsung 191T from is the way to go my friend.
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