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  1. I laugh at eveyone panicking about the DOW. Stocks have been on an unbelievable run for the past year and half. Stocks and indicies cant just go up constantly with out people (funds) selling for profits. This is just the Shake Out before the Break Out. We will probably test 11,500-12,000 over the next couple of months then back up. Just look at July of 2002. Get ready to buy SIZE on the dip over the next couple of months
  2. i wish i could see the black fear in your eyes when you do that and it doesnt work
  3. Although I am mostly a Day Trader, I will use this opportunity in the next few months to get long some stocks that I feel I missed.

    Anyone that uses fear while talking about stock should not even be trading. Why would I fear if I invest and trade wisely.

    The freaking market has been rising for months upon months, a little sell off is normal and extremely healthy. With that being said good luck and dont be scared.