PANIC ROOM Discussion

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by benwm, May 4, 2011.

  1. benwm


    I thought it might be interesting to start a thread relating to "Panic rooms"...similar to the one in that film with Jodie Foster.

    Has anyone here built their own panic room and would willing to share their experiences? Any idea which companies specialize in helping to build these,how much it costs, design layouts etc..?

    The perfect panic room should be nuclear, fire and (I guess) tsunami proof, and since we're traders you'd need some ability to trade from the room. Maybe ticking all these boxes is unrealistic for most of us :D

    But at the very least, a panic room should be somewhere to keep safe if there was rioting on the streets, and also hold some secure storage facilities for hard assets such as physical gold, water, food supplies.

  2. No I have not built a panic room. But I have a "panic" button on my trading platform linked to a hotkey. It's labelled "Get Me OUT!". lol