panic ISN'T in the air

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jasonjm, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. jasonjm


    pretty weird

    VIX hardly climbed at all today

    not sure what to read into this (if anything).... but its pretty strange.

    One potential explanation could be that this decline was expected. Therefore we won't bottom here until we get a stop run below 1350, to get some legitimate panic.
  2. Something happened towards the close today. The DOW rallied up 100 points, then down 100 just as fast. Then a huge dump in the aftermarket.

    How many here trust the VIX?
  3. vahn


    i used $VIX for trading
  4. For how long? How reliable has it been?
  5. jasonjm


    there we go

    now thats some panic kicking in today
  6. Daal


    I think we bottomed for the short-term
  7. Futures don't mean anything in this environment
  8. Digs


    if the $USD falls fast, this market will do Oct 1987
  9. jasonjm


    I dont think so.

    87 crash was at a time of extreme market optimism, the market had run up 44% in 9 months....

    We have gone through 6 months of grinding now, with nothing but gloom and doom from every corner of every news outlet.
    We are already almost 20% off the highs.
  10. Digs


    $USD fall means, people are getting CASH out of USA, means interest rates must stay UP, to protect a crashing dollar !!

    You can join the dots if interest rates must stay up or move higher...

    ..."We are already almost 20% off the highs."..

    Sorry only 15%...on the $SPX

    Just like in Oct 1987..maket fell 13% approx then a pause then another 20% in a day or so !!
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