Panic buying

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  1. lol

    panic covering into the close

    a lot of noobs went short in the first hour of trading

    we may close green.

    I'll also add:

    Retail sales decline excluding gas was much less than 2.7%. Gas doesn't count and holliday sales were only down 8/10 % YOY. Also, the estimates were of a 3% decline by some firms. This is all priced into stocks. Bad news isn't so bad when you put it in perspective.
  2. mskl


    Over 8,000 posts in 2.5 years...

    Someone needs to get a life.
  3. ?????
  4. We may close green? LOOOOOOL you have got to be the STUPIDEST person I have ever seen post. StockTrad3r, you are the biggest embarrassment on ET and that's saying A LOT!
  5. Honestly starting to think a good strategy is just going in the opposite direction of Stock_Trad3r... seriously.
  6. LOL!!!

    Your timing, man! You make me laugh every time you post!

    You need to lose your bias. Try a short trade or might just like it! :)
  7. the moderator exposed him as a community college kid....

  8. Wrong again. How can you be wrong so often? I don't think I could do that if I wanted to.
  9. Yea..a misserable day.

    The only silver lining to this is that the futures indicate a lower open partly due to issues regaridng Steve Job's Health. If the dow retest 8050 support @ the open and rebounds sharply that could be a bullish sign.

  10. Stock, this is an honest question...Do you actually think your "alternative viewpoint" is taken seriously by anybody on this board? You have been DEAD wrong for over a year..How can you actually belive there is no credit crisis? 5 major financial institutions are gone, the auto industry is all but bankrupt, and BAC yields 12%! You think this is a "mild" recession, that is incredibly naive....You absolutely have no clue about the economy or how mkts and individual stocks function...Please answer these questions honestly, although I know you won't, bcuase you have no honest answer.
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