Panic Buying

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  1. Run this bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you BENNY!!!!!!!!!
  2. Is anyone surprised at this b.s. ? Totally expected from this Fed. Keep those helicopters humming Ben. What else can they do at this point? :p
  3. I'm glad I held on to my longs. Now I just have to figure out when to dump them.
  4. Daal


    Im glad I sold most short etfs yesterday, shorting is pretty difficult but its even more under the bernanke fed, panic selling is just simply not allowed we need to keep that in our minds
  5. i loaded around 8k shares of financials last 2 days. i think i'll hold a few days here. it shows if neccesary fed will monetzie debt and stocks but in the long run were all fucked
  6. Correct on both counts. :mad:
  7. You're absolutely right. When you're short you have to pick your spots, and take your profits early because you just never know when Ben is going to make another announcement.
  8. What a difference a day makes! Check this thread in which people could not believe that shorting does not make sense. I told them watch for the up move by day end, and worse gap up the next day. Both happened!
  9. oversold markets bounce? Fed gets twice as many helicopters out to drop money and mkts bounce? Wow such novel outside the bounce thinking! traders trade, eveyone elso 15+ times a day here.
  10. Panic buying? I don't think so

    Panic short covering? This makes sense
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