Panhandler takes in $100,000/year

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    I read 20 years ago that there were some pulling in that kind of money back then. I guess things have gotten tough for everyone. :D

    Many years ago a friend related a story to me that he saw a panhandler standing on a corner at a strip mall so he stopped and pointed out the 'help wanted' sign in the window right behind the guy. For his trouble my friend was cursed out by the bum.
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    The US is chock full of people doing that. A guy that ran a church foodbank told me that fully 9 out of 10 people that came to him made their living by taking advantage of every program and panhandling. He kept a filing cabinet with their pictures and all and didn't give them food very often. I volunteered and observed some of them, some were doing quite well.

    If somebody presents a sad story very early in a relationship there is a very good chance you are looking at a psychopath. They use the sad story to find people that empathize. People that empathize share their things.

    I got approached by some twat in a shopping center parking lot. She immediately told me how she had lost her job. I looked her square in the eyes and said "I had a job once, working really sucks doesn't it?"
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    Yeah, you bet. He's not exceptional, everyone can be a six figure panhandler. Uhh huh.
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    Rectum must be one of the suckers who feed the trolls which just keeps them out there getting in your face.

    I guess it could be a lot worse. Those of you who have been to places like Jamaica or the Philippines know what I'm talking about. It's open season on Americans in those places.
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    Many quit for the day when they have enough to get booze/drugs for their crew. Local guys say that if they are at the right off ramp they can make $50/hour. I know of one of them that owns a house! He's a minimalist type of a guy, very intelligent in conversations about health, nutrition, etc.. He hangs out in front of a Trader Joe's store with a sign. I borrowed his cellphone once, it seemed weird borrowing from a "homeless guy".
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    Tsing Tao

    Thanks, Captain Literal. What Eight meant is that the US is chock full of people making a living on freebies and handouts.
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    Pretty much... recently all the agencies in the city/county [this is a real bleeding heart leftist area I'm in] compared notes to see how they could cut costs by not overlapping. They found that FIVE FAMILIES were getting 60% of all their budget!!!
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    "Chock full" means a big majority. Which is untrue. It's hysteria.
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    Had a lady come up to me the other day at a Lowes. She needed money for gas. I looked at her and said "your car is STILL out of gas" She looked at me strangely, and then I said "remember, you asked me the same thing 3 days ago in front of Harbor Freight". NO I didn't; yes you did, you even have on the same clothes. the same stupid fucking hat, too.
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