Panetta: Obama Absent Night of Benghazi

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  1. Panetta: Obama Absent Night of Benghazi

    12:05 PM, Feb 7, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER

    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testified this morning on Capitol Hill that President Barack Obama was absent the night four Americans were murdered in Benghazi on September 11, 2012:

    Panetta said that Obama left operational details, including knowledge of what resources were available to help the Americans under seize, "up to us."

    In fact, Panetta says that the night of 9/11, he did not communicate with a single person at the White House. The attack resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

    Panetta said that, save their 5 o'clock prescheduled meeting with the president the day of September 11, Obama did not call or communicate in anyway with the defense secretary that day. There were no calls about the what was going on in Benghazi. He never called to check-in.
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    Dereliction of duty. Where's the press?
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    Tsing Tao

    Certainly would not surprise me. Obama has been "Out to Lunch" his whole presidency. He's only interested in the rock star image stuff. Like a true gangsta.
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    Obama is lazy, and smoking pot did not help.
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    so the 3 am call came and obama did not answer.

    Imagine... this answer is better than what really happened.
  6. I don't believe that for a minute. The entire region was blowing up that day and night, and Obama is "gone fishing". No, it's obvioulsy been decided, better to take heat for not being available than admit what really happened. They all watched and did nothing but wring their hands.
  7. Doesn't matter.

    Odumbo has taken the tack... "I've been elected president (aka KING) by the parasite class. I can do any farkin' thing I want, nobody can stop me, and I can't be held accountable for anything I did/didn't do".

    Therefore we should not be appalled, regardless.

    :mad: :mad:
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    Hillary was AWOL, too.

    Neither the secretary of defense nor the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff spoke to the secretary of state during the 8-hour attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. At a Thursday hearing in the Senate, Republican Ted Cruz asked both Leon Panetta and Martin Dempsey, "In between 9:42 p.m., Benghazi time, when the first attacks started, and 5:15 am, when Mr. Doherty and Mr. Woods lost their lives, what converations did either of you have with Secretary Clinton?"

    "We did not have any conversations with Secretary Clinton," Panetta responded.

    "And General Dempsey, the same is true for you?" Cruz asked. Dempsey confirmed this.

  9. What did McCain say ?
  10. So everybody was gone fishing? The entire f'n region was blowing up, but nobody knew nuttin bout it? Sheeet. So basicly they're saying we're grossly incompetent, which everyone already knows, so the heat they take will just be business as usual. So it is written, so it is done. The King has declared it so.
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