Pandora down over 30%!

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  1. Wow the greater fools who bought on opening day lost over 30%
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    Why would anyone want to invest in this company is beyond me, they aren't even profitable and people are throwing money at this company like its the newest idea out there, its internet, so exciting, come on, do you have any idea how many sites on the internet stream music for free. How are they going to make money, through the only way internet companies of today know how, through advertising, hah.....pandora isnt going to extract money from much of its music content because they have to deal with huge record lables and customers that really don't pay much for music these days.

    The only reason why were seeing companies like this go public is because they want to get it done before the last bit social networking company does which is facebook, everyone is jumping into the market knowing the hype is going to end sooner than later. This company will be trading below $10 a share soon!
  3. It's not just about new ideas though - the market needs new company's to IPO to boost the gross value of issues in the market. New companies that do existing tasks, even slightly better or differently, need to be brought to market as old companies die out.(read: their shares and linger, but money needs fresh-blood)
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    one angle to these IPOs shooting up story, it seems to indicate to me that there is money looking for a home. Not your moms and pops, but the big boys want to do something with their money, it seems
  5. Tim Sykes and his "penny poppers" gang took her down!

    Tim was heard screaming "SELL' EM you shitz, SELL' EM" out of the open in his live chat! :eek:
  6. JK...........LOL! :D

    These IPO's have been fun to watch lately......not at all surprised by the action.
  7. I'm surprised there weren't more mice here that took the cheese.

    Promoted just like Linked In was.
  8. I think you underestimate the potential of this company. The first 3 months of this year, their revenue was higher than nearly the entire fiscal year 2010. Pandora has about 60 million registered users and 20 million that are consistanly active. I dont know about you, but when someone has an audience of 20 million people, thats some serious power you can have with advertisers. Although I do think this company was a bit overzealous with a $16 share price at this point in time. I think this is probably going alot lower than $10 in the short term, but you have to think big. Pandora has almost 1 million "likes" on facebook. For comparison sirius xm has less than 1/10th. Pandora really has the potential to grow into a global force. When that happens, the price will go through the roof, but for now, the risk is still high and the price shouldnt be as high as it for the current risk/reward ratio.

  9. Good ol Timmay!!
  10. Sure they weren't Newspapers he was selling?
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