Pandemic Panic Plague

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    the Pandemic More Panic Than Plague
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  2. Turveyd


    15:30 as I'm saying, inflated numbers " Deaths WITH Virus " not " Deaths from Virus " US aswell.

    22:30, public stopped Pres from doing what he wanted, damn snowflakes!

    Like that guy :)

    Not that the snowflakes will listen, he's going to kill them all after all :(
  3. wrbtrader


    Never read any report about a plague nor potential plague.

    The only words I have seen used have been Pandemic or people comparing it to a flu.

    Reminder, the hospitals and government do not have the equipment nor medical staff to manage something that has NO vaccine. Its the exact same fear/panic when flu first hit early in the century...

    Yet, they had less to fear because there wasn't the same easy route to global travel and over the border contamination. People stay put...easy to wipe out a town or village...less likely to wipe out a country.

    Today, travel is easy. Borders are open and the media is really your typical person that has an internet connection, mobile device, TV or radio...things that didn't exist during the Spanish Flu early 1900's.

    Simply, the only people that use the word Plague / Doomsday has not been the media nor goverment. Its the people that are over-reacting about losing their jobs or fear of loss of their civil liberties like being allowed to walk in a public park.

    Remember, governments goal today to protect the health & safety of the public is much different than when the Spanish Flu had hit.

    These people are no different than the opposite crazies going out hoarding all the toilet paper, hoarding all the sanitizers/hand wipes/99% alcohol and buying guns/ammos to patrol their neighbourhood.

    Remember...only people using the word Plague are those trying to create fear as they accuse others of creating fear / conspiracies.

  4. Turveyd


    NYC releasing violent criminals and pedo's to stop them getting something that isn't going to kill them most likely and if it did big whoop!! INSANE over reaction or what.

    The dead better come back to life and start craving human flesh for this level of over reaction.
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    he's a sharp cookie. first week on the air.
  6. Turveyd


    UK, Italy and Spain all over the hump and looking better daily, Admissions low today again in my area.

    Sweden, nasty death spike today, but without lockdowns there same as us with, so pointless. Week more advanced than UK looks to be over the peak to, nice!!

    I hope they look at the REAL deaths from and the deaths with like in Italy and sack / imprison people from all this mess and cost over pretty much nothing.

    Hopefully France still working through the care home deaths pushing there numbers up, being hit hard.
  7. Turveyd


    Interesting on the National Statistics for UK!

    1. There were an estimated 23,200 excess winter deaths which occurred in England and Wales in the 2018 to 2019 winter, the lowest since the winter of 2013 to 2014.

    2. Respiratory diseases continued to be the leading cause of excess winter deaths which occurred in 2018 to 2019. ( Really, so yep no change FFS )

    Respiratory diseases remained the leading cause of EWM in 2018 to 2019, with 48.2% (8,900 excess winter deaths (EWD)) and 39.6% (600 EWD) more respiratory deaths in the winter months compared with the non-winter months in England and Wales respectively. This accounted for 40.6% of all EWD in England and 42.9% of all EWD in Wales. The EWM index for respiratory diseases was statistically significantly lower than the two previous periods in both countries.

    Of these excess respiratory deaths, pneumonia (defined as ICD-10 codes J12 to J18) accounted for the largest proportions, making up 34.8% of total excess respiratory deaths in England and 50.0% in Wales. During 2018 to 2019, there were 47.7% (3,100 EWD) more pneumonia deaths in the winter period than the non-winter period in England, and 50.9% (300 EWD) more deaths in the winter period in Wales.

    So basically, C19 is no different to what they had last winter, 14months ago say!

    Still no death stat's uploaded for WE 27th Apr, kinda slow, not releasing ?? lets see if there is a difference to previous week LOL
  8. wrbtrader


    I'll keep repeating...

    You can not compare Covid-19 with illness / diseases that have vaccines and approved treatments.

    All pandemics have fear / panic until a vaccine and / or approved treatments become available regardless if its cheap or expensive. In addition, those other diseases have diagnostic tastes...they are extremely valuable in helping to identify areas of infection in the population to help minimize to impact of the infection...all the other illness/diseases you've mention...

    They all have the diagnostic tests. Covid-19 does not have it widely available (hospitals and care units don't have the tests)...reason why many are told to just go home and self-quarantine.

    Simply, people will go back to lives when a vaccine and/or approved treatment becomes available for Covid-19.

    Thus, Covid-19 is very different until the above occurs...very different than when I had the deadly pneumonia that was followed by a deadly clostridium difficile infection (twice) in 2016. Diseases more deadly than Covid-19.

    The difference...they have widely available vaccines, highly successful approved treatments and available diagnostic tests. Seriously, with Covid-19...governments, states and provinces are rationing their supplies of diagnostic tests.

    I can't remember where I read it (which medical journal) but those other diseases had 275 million available tests...Covid-19 diagnostic tests is barely 10 million as of April 1st

    Therefore, when the above happens (tests, vaccines and treatments)...we can then go to the doctor and get our annual Covid-19 test / shot just like the flu test / shot although there will be others out there that will allow Covid-19 to return every year because they do not believe in vaccines and will refuse to allow vaccination of their children.

    For example, there's a vaccine for the measles and it was almost eradicated off the planet. Yet, its slowly been making a comeback in the 2000's via the primary reason that some people out there refuse to be vaccinated (its their right) but they travel the world to populations not as immune, not vaccinated and not having access to available diagnostic tests...

    Resulting in the Measles making a comeback...deadly for children.

    P.S. Don't forget to get your vaccination for the shingles. :D

    P.S.S. People not vaccinated should have it stamped on their passport to help prevent them from travelling to other populations not as immune.

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    Who put this thread in the Hardware section? This should be over with Nuts in the Politics Section!
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    Excellent point!

    Golf is hardware! We need more Tigers!

    The feel-good video of the summer, as we're all cooped up!

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