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  1. robbo


    I am just about to buy a new Laptop and need to buy some antivirus software. Currently whats the best Anti Virus software to buy?
  2. AVG for anti-virus , AD-AWARE for anti-malware
  3. i use avg, mostly because decent rating and freebie, but it is not the best rated by any means. kaspersky is generally highly rated. do a search on "antivirus review" first to get better info than anonymous replies on ET.

    very important is to download and run (then update it every 2 weeks or so). It prevents many things from even getting

    Also, a firewall. The one built into Windows, ZoneAlarm (if XP), etc. etc.
  4. abid



    There are several good anti virus the top one is Kaspersky , then comes avast , then avira , then escan , then panda. All of them are equally good. I will refer you Panda Internet security as i'm using it for 2 years now. Its very good software . Just give a try with its free version . Download it for you from here
    Panda Internet Security
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    Hey Abid, Good link. Thanks man.
  6. After using several of them I found ESET smart security to be the lightest and most reliable. Panda sold me to a virus once and I got rid of it. Everyday I use Malwarebytes to check my PC before I turn off the computer. If I get any funny messages in IE or Firefox I close the browser from the task list and I scan the computer. I have a mirror image ready for installation in case it is needed.
  7. SandraK


    I recommend AVG!