Pampered or humble beginnings

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  1. Hah, I can beat that...

    When I was 3 yrs old I could discuss quantum mechanics with Stephen Hawking, who was my personal tutor.

    When I was 8 I was a personal advisor to President Clinton and his NSA cryptography team.

    When I was 11 I was a senior trading manager at the Blackstone Group and vice-consultant to Mr. Carlucci at the Caryle Group.

    When I was 15 I personally forced Julian H. Robertson Jr., of Tiger Management, to close his hedge fund because I was killing him on his trades.

    Now that I am 18 I am retired in St. Lucia Islands ( where I am personally served by over 50 nubile blonde babes at my 270 room mansion.

    Beat that!! :D
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  2. Pampered? Or humble beginnings?

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  3. I'm just waiting for my rich parents to drift off. I'll be a rich guy. garfangle, thats amazing. Did you say you were under CLinton's desk? LOL! :)
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  4. I was Monica's XY chromosome body double...Oi!

    That is, to keep her from the secret service. :eek:
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  5. I come from humble beginnings. I used to only have a small account now its much larger. I am very humble about it.
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  6. I started with around $20k of savings... no pampering here...
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  7. CalTrader

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    Why would you give anything on this board enough credibility to consider it worthy of "contemplation ?"

    Bottom Line: Some folks will suceed at this business and some will fail. Some will learn from their mistakes and turn things around. Some wont. This business is no different than any other: those that have done their homework, are willing to work hard, and are properly capitalized have a shot at success.
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  8. danielc1


    I always been pampered by my parents. They take the losses and I keep the winnings...

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  9. Excellent strategy Daniel. My only suggestion is that you try to bump them off before they reach Social Security / Medicare. With the prescription drug coverage bill about to be passed, 93-year old Auntie Em on thirteen medications will soak the younger generation of any remaining wealth they may have.
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  10. nuhhh. It's easy! Declare the elders enemy of the state (useless bodies sucking resources) and dump them. ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE! :cool:

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