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Discussion in 'Trading' started by rfoulk, May 25, 2002.

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    For those that use Paltalk for voice chats, their recent advertising in the text channels is disturbing.

    The main purpose for paying them a fee was to escape the ads in the free accounts.

    Next time you see spam in the channel please post something like this in response:

    Help Stop Paltalk Spam. Boycott Paltalk Radio and anything else advertised in their spams. Spread the word!

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    Thanks for the note about IRC channels.

    (By the way, mIRC is a software package that connects to IRC channels.)

    IRC is great because it is a well known open standard for network chat rooms. Unfortunately, it is text only.

    Some rooms use IRC for text and Paltalk for voice, which is an improvement. But the combined software setup seems a bit much for some.

  4. I refuse to use paltalk while trading ever since the crap caused me to lose $160 by crashing my computer in the middle of a trade.Traders use this nonsense with caution.
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    One of my first rules of online trading is to keep all peripheral stuff on a different computer.

    With the current state of hardware, software and data services, it's too risky to trade with just one computer.