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  1. There's a bunch of paid chatrooms with resident gurus on Paltalk. 95% of them trade e-minis. 95% of the gurus, couldn't trade if their life depended on it. Now of course, I will never dare pre-suppose that any of the "elite" traders here have ever even considered or use/used a chatroom with a guru!! :p But in any case this thread is to share experiences in hopes that people considering a certain chatroom, don't get ripped off/waste their time. The guidelines are:

    1) Is the guru "monkey-able"? Meaning... do entries and exits get clearly called in real-time? Are the trades called reasonably in advance so you can get in/out without any/much slippage?

    2) Is the track record legit? Does the track record that the guru claims correspond nicely with the calls you observed in the room?

    3) How was the performance? Don't discuss this if you haven't been in the room at least a week.
  2. I would stay away from these paid rooms. Any truely great trader who can stick it to the market all the time, has no time to peddle their "calls". That kind of stuff is nothing but a distraction.
    If you want somone else to do the work, invest in a hedge fund

    Many real shooters dont want anyone knowing what their up to.

    Dont believe the hype

    Do it on your own

    good luck
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    If it's not a free chatroom then it's a total waste of time and money. I know of only a single free one (Woodie's) that's an honest attempt at helping you trade but even so it didn't help me much.

  4. That's strange, Wooodie's room has helped me greatly. I've been trading futures for about a year and only started profiting with the help of woodie and his room. I don't think woodie has had a losing day in a long time. Some traders even come out with 100% winners at the end of the day. I probably average 80%.
  5. Traderkay is a genius. Has something negative to say about everything. Go read all his posts. Doubt Traderkay has made a dime in the mkt overall.

    I have learned quite a bit from these rooms myself.
  6. So Traderkay,, did you get ripped off,, do you speak from experience?
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    Well, that's a pretty defensive reply to a fairly innocuous post. Then you follow it up with another one:

    You must be losing pretty well yourself. These are posts 9 & 10 from you (the latest as of this writing), here's number 8:

    And that was in response to somebody suggesting that people abide by the legal contracts they made when they purchased the software.

    Further review of your posts show that you tried to become an unpaying advertiser here, in violation of the rules of this board. Ho hum, another loser blows into Elite, starts talking big and selling smoke, then shows himself to be just another fool. You can flame me with whatever 12 word essay your seven brain cells can conjure, alas I will be ignoring it (as will pretty much the rest of Elite). Oh, and BTW - my friend's dog is named Earl. :D
  8. well then go kick your dog...LOL
  9. And TGreg,, why dont you let Traderkay speak for himself,,, or are you 2 one in the same?
  10. and very smart of you to post only my reply and not what i was replying to ,,, you should be in the spin doctor biz,,,LOL
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