PalTalk & CPU 'Hogging'

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by 5R08Astang, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. I use a couple of trading rooms at PalTalk. One thing I notice, as I monitor the Task Manager window, is that CPU usage intermittently oscillates between normal (0-10%) and 100%--pegged. This ONLY happens when logged onto PalTalk. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

    - It doesn't matter if I'm running many programs or just
    PalTalk alone.
    - It does seem to depend what room I'm in, but not always.
    - I am not a premium member.
    - I use a pop-up stopper and block spyware addresses in IE.
    - I have cable MODEM access with a NAT firewall/router.
    - Windows 2000 SP2+, 1.8-GHz P4, 512-MB, 40-GB Seagate, 88%
    free space.

    The PalTalk help lobbies don't. They haven't heard of the CPU-maxing issue. Of course, not everyone is a nerd like me and has his Task Manager visible at all times. Most people would notice a pause in audio, or a slowdown of an application, but may not be able to attribute it to CPU overload without Task Manager in the system icon tray.

    Has anyone else experienced this? If so, was there a fix? If not, any 'theories' would be welcome. :)

    PS: Anybody ever hear of sites that 'time-slice' client PC's CPU
    power to increase their servers'? PalTalk maybe :confused:
  2. skim


    I suffer from the same problem with Paltalk on occasions, so I too am interested to know of a solution.
  3. could possibly be your pop-up stopper killing pop-ups. I'd imagine that if 5 pop-ups came at once, it could freeze your computer.