Palms Las Vegas Stay for $29 Weekdays / $49 Weekends harbinger of the CONSUMER.

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    A lot of the reason for the moves in some of these stocks is their Macau business, not their Vegas business. Just FYI.
  2. Wow...its officially cheaper to stay at the palms than my own house. A full month at the Palms at those rates comes to $1,038.
  3. ....and you DON"T have a Playboy Club in your place!!! :D
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    I haven't been to Vegas for years. Too crowded.

    Maybe that is changing. Vegas was a blast when it was a bit less crowded like in the early 80s. On the other hand I've heard those huge new hotels are cool and have great food.

    I've been considering trailering my shelby to vegas for service so maybe I'll stay in town a couple days and wait for it. Might have to stay at a larger hotel so I can leave my pickup and trailer parked out back. Maybe even play some blackjack lol (I'm an Ed Thorpe fan, my mom was in the Griffin Book).

    Hard to analyze that place. As housing crashes it makes cheap housing easier to acquire for people that come in for employment. As people's net worth diminish they often visit Vegas *more* frequently rather than less. I wouldn't write them off just yet. That economy doesn't behave conventionally.
  5. This is funny. September through October is traditionally the slowest time of year for the travel industry. Notice Jetlbue "All You Can Jet" is in September? The casinos in Nevada have been offering deals for years around this time. I remember some years back the Harrahs in Laughlin offered $15 a night for hotel stay...I just checked and its $25.
  6. that $50 free plays are a joke. it's not real money, these participating casinos have a separate section for free plays. it's the biggest hoax in vegas.

    anyway, is buffet of the buffet deal still alive?
  7. yes. but that DEAL. by JETBLUE sold out quickly.. It was a nice gimmick

    I think it was only for publicity.. must have sold .only a few. of them
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    The buffets, ah, my memory of the only time at Vegas of the buffets was they were great. That is until a lovely looking young lady took a header in the middle of the buffet setup from I don't know what floor above us. Kind of ruined that buffet.
    I can't remember much else of that trip. I know I lost $150 total after being up ~$1200. I can say I drank my way to a loss. The whole thing including the loss was a blast, or at least what I remember.
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