Palm Pilots and Futures Trading?

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  1. Is there anyone that offers real-time quotes and a trading platform that can be accessed from a palm?
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    Interactivebrokers have a mobile trading platform that can be accessed by cellphone and pda's.
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    My step-son just got something called "Sidekick" which looks pretty cool. It's a cell phone/web browser with a full keyboard. Good for him at college. Unlimited web access, and for him, instant messaging seems a big deal (but only 200 minutes a month voice) for, I think about $40 a month.

    So that might work...not a techie myself, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Just not sure about access speed. Or if the web capability is adequate. No color, and somewhat limited graphics.
    In either event, I wouldn't consider using something like this unless it were in a pinch or if you are not a full time trader.

    Here is a sight with some info on it:

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    If you want to go wireless be prepared for insanely slow download speeds. I'm talking like a minute to get the average web page (without web clipping), or 1/4 the speed of a dial-up modem. I had a Palm i705, a total POS. And it didn't work with IB's Mobile TWS thingy, either. :mad:

    I think Datek has some mobile quotes facility. Because of speed issues and ridiculous ping latency if you're looking for anything more than entering a single order a day I'd stay far away from today's gadgety mobile devices. Stable, reliable, universally accepted mobile internet access (ie, not cell phones) is still many years away in the US.

  5. True but if you just want data for one stock, it only takes a few bytes of information to send the order and a few more bytes to get somewhat real-time quotes for one instrument.

    The trouble would come if you entered ES long while also entering a tunnel and then lost your connection, only to find you are 4 points out by the time you leave the tunnel.

    Not to mention battery failure, misc. signal problems, etc.

    I think it is better for a swing trader or longer-term trader. You wouldn't want to use those things for scalping unless you want to be the one to get scalped.
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    Go to

    They call it the H-Trader

    You can take a look at it on their site