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  1. sya


    this newbie would like to ask a little qs. how we can do commodity trade, like palm oil contract or such kind of instruments?
    im in particular keen on palm oil trading.
  2. As far as I know Crude Palm Oil (fcpo) Futures are available @ the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, only locals have direct access, biggest player there is kenanga Deutsche Futures, participated by DB, if I remember correctly...
    They are also going to list a new contract on JADE (CBOT+sgx), here's the link
    Another commodity is rubber, traded mainly at the Central Japan Commodity Exchange (ex Osaka).
    Anyway to trade this your only options are a major IB or dealer or something like Man, sucden or adm which deal also in physicals... good luck
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    thx a lot naztazio, very helpful
  4. :D ... plz keep us up to date with your efforts, i think quite a lot of potential (and risk) is hidden in such exotic assets... good luck