PALM hairy

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. So PALM was as low as a dollar and small change last year and now its 16.

    Congrats on your fortitude and/or your great timing/luck..

    Oh, but if you've been holding PALM since its glory days you're still losing 99.5% of your money.

    Not congrats.

  2. hajimow


    This stock is in my watchlist to short. Maybe tomorrow.Specially after today's failing to stay green. Volume is also drying (compared to the last 10 days). Stock's run up was mostly on the false hope of a buyout and manipulation for short squeeze. I have to mention that this company is bleeding cash and with pre smartphone, Palm is a one trick poney in the middle of talented horses.
  3. No opinion.

    but if you get short and it goes back to its alltime high, your ass is done.
  4. mililani


    Minimize your risk: use puts.
  5. nugundam


    Agreed, but can never underestimate the manipulator's powers:) Just use caution is all i can say as there definitely is steam to push it higher. You gotta have tight stops on this one as it seems to fall just as fast as it rises. Regarding the fact that it was trading just around 2 bucks several months ago, there are quite a few biotechs out there that have had similar run-ups and more and are trading in the upper 20s.
  6. Illum


    It really is a great phone and it will soon be with Verizon as well. But what a terrible time to sell a $400 phone.