Palm can't find a buyer

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  1. Wow. Who can't find a buyer these days? What does that say if no one want to buy you out with a 0.5% loan from the bank of Japan?

    Begging For Mercy: Are Palm's Days Numbered?

    Posted on Mar 6th, 2007 with stocks: PALM

    Larry Dignan (ZDNet) submits: Palm (PALM) is reportedly looking for buyers, but folks aren't buying it. Just the fact that Palm is looking for a buyer may indicate the company is in trouble.

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting (subscription required) that Palm has hired Morgan Stanley to evaluate options including a sale or move to go private. Typically that's good news. Today, however, Wall Street types are viewing Palm's options as limited.

    J.P. Morgan analyst Paul Coster downgraded Palm and didn't exactly mince words:

    "We believe Palm's product line-up is stale, price-based competition will likely weigh on ASPs and gross margins, and R&D could climb in fiscal year 2008 as Palm races to develop a new Treo platform."

    Coster's argument–that Palm is getting whacked by price competition–isn't new. The projection that Palm will have to invest heavily to create a "multi-threaded Palm OS, a proprietary communications protocol stack, and a flexible platform for next generation products" indicates that the company will have to find a partner or be under even more pressure.
  2. The technology today gets better and better all the time and palm is a thing of the past. They are behind in the game.