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  1. We are sick of the Northern cold and are moving to South Florida in the next several months--- forming a networking group for traders, hedgees and alternative asset pros--- will have events, luncheons,etc once we reach a critical mass. Hope to see you as a part of the group.

    South Florida traders, hedge fundees, financial pros--- Palm Beach is the new mecca for for hedgees according to multiple recent news articles.
    Join the newly formed Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association for networking---

  2. Hey marketsurfer,

    I am in the area and will give you the warning that I ignored. South Florida is a sunny place for shady people. I mover here from NYC and it took a while to learn to deal with people who lie all of the time and do a lot of underhanded thing on a regular bases. It is just the way it is!

    Be prepared for a cultural shock that comes from a Latin American influence. Many of the business practices here would be illegal in any other part of the country. Hell, just watch American Greed on CNBC, ever other crook comes to South Florida..

    Just be careful before making friends to quickly..
  3. THanks for the warning----- i lived down there during college summers and met some crazy characters--- no doubt there is some truth in what you say. regards, surf
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    Surf, you will get skinned alive down there. I lived down on FL for 3 years. I think you will be very disappointed. The police are crooked, the pastors are crooked, teachers are felons and anyone working in finance is probably running from where ever they came from. Be warned.
  5. Wow! That's a huge indictment. I'll have to watch my back, thanks for the warning. I know there's a lot of shady characters there, but everyone can't be crooked. Did you work with a prop firm in fla? Any specific advice would be appreciated.

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  7. Interesting-- thanks for the post and info. I'm sure I'll have plenty of blog content after moving down there! surf:D
  8. You are just interested in not paying a state tax
  9. Yeah, no doubt---- combined with the warm water, boating, fishing, good restaurants, etc. surf
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