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  1. Shagi


    This is gonna be one hell of screamer - look out when it gets to $400
  2. You and the other three people who trade it can let out a small collective scream when it gets there.
  3. Phlub


    That was a classic response.

    As one of the 'three' people that are long, I will make sure and come back with a 'Yahoo!' if we breakout through 400!

    Actually, the depth of this market has gotten way better than it was 2-3 years ago. If we start to get 4k+ volume, it could be in for a really nice move ala 1999.
  4. So now we are complete: This losing STOCK pusher on my ignore list, and three in the METAL FUTURES section. :)
  5. pretzel you dumbwad, shaqi is NOT the douche that was pushing his PAL crap all over the place.
  6. This market ain't big enough for four bulls! Pistol or sword? :p
  7. good ole bitchslaps for me

    first rule of slap club is you never talk about slap club.
  8. Shagi


    We lonely threesome will soon be screaming Yahoo - yepie ho:D
  9. Embarrasingly, I am perhaps the fourth.

    Rapiers, please.
  10. make that five. long from 388 earlier in the week.

    the key price point is 418-420 imo
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