Palladium Miners...the best trade on ET

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  1. I am giving you guys a fish in this thread. Something that some of you could use badly.

    First of all, here is something that many of you have never opened or touched and leave it for just good toilet reading...if that...this is what they call the 10-K.

    Look at Page 32 at the diagram of Palladium pricing going back 10 years...thats right. We are right now at about $489 an ounce and it looks like we keep climbing. In fact, we could be back at early 2008 highs of Palladium within 2-3 months. So what does that mean exactly? Many of our Palladium producers traded much higher back in 2007/2008 at lower metals pricing. Keep in mind our Palladium producers also produce other metals such as gold, nickel and platninum.

    The bottomline is that I think all of the stocks below have the potential to double. Many of you will look at the lower priced stocks, but I think you should look at SWC. In my opinion, SWC is the best of breed and has the best fundamentals. Should Palladium break over 600 then I am not certain how high SWC will go.

    Eventually the reality will set into these stocks that we have a Palladium shortage...probably when you guys stop focusing on Apple and Healthcare stocks...

    Hey, I will be back to update this thread. Its a little early and still doing my research...but I think all of these stocks below will double.

  2. Thanks, I've just started to do some research into the palladium story.
  3. All the research you need is within the 10-K/10-Qs on the SWC and PAL websites. Both of those companies have excellent summaries of their respective industries.

    I see a double on PAL and SWC within the next 3-6 months.

    As for ANO, I know that it will either be the best one of the group or the worst. ANO might be a multi-bagger. This company I am finding it difficult to find documentation on, their website is not updated and their press releases seem more of a pump job. I have seen companies like this one go both ways with their stock soaring unbelievably or where it one day gets cut in half. If I were younger, then I might throw some money at ANO.

    PAL is about to re-start their main Palladium mine. They shut the mine down in 2008 and just re-starting it in the 2nd quarter. They produce gold as well.

  4. I figured it out. SWC has the best price action because it has the smallest float and highest volume of the Palladium miner group. The others have larger floats and lower volume. PLG and ANO actually have the largest floats and the lowest volumes.

    However, PAL is about re-start its main Palladium mine which will be huge news. If the price of Palladium is winging it over $500 while they restart that mine then I see a huge price upswing on the news. I mean it seriously could go up 20-30% in a day on the news of the mine restarting. It is almost as if they are timing the mine re-start with the price of Palladium.

    One thing to keep in mind is the Palladium ETF which is taking a lot of the Palladium off the market and therefore further diminishing supply.

    I think SWC is the safe Palladium miner play, but I think there will be a major pop in PAL.

    Another thing is GOLD. These miners also produce a little Gold too. Gold is about to really go on a run and one of the plays I am looking at in that regard is NG. NG is another clear double from here.

  5. Last chance to buy PAL at these prices. Looks like its breaking out on volume...
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    PLG is the way to go not PAL. PLG has more insider ownership including SOROS.