Palins interview with Gretta

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    You Dems are screwed!!!!

    If anyone is watching this you are FUCKED and you know it !!!

    There goes the debate of whose baby it is(out the window)
    True Family Values.
    Dad playing Mr.Mom
    Took the Baby to work THE DAY AFTER SHE GAVE BIRTH!!!!

    Go ahead Dems say what you want, but you are SCREWED!!!!
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    Vetting Process... Ha Ha Ha ,thats a laugh.

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  4. Yes exactly.

    Regarding the shameful US Weekly cover, why don't we ever hear concerns from the media about ownership meddling in editorial control when the meddling is done by leftwingers like theowner of US? For some reason it is an outrage for Rupert Murdoch to own Fox News, but hard core lefties can use supposedly non-political media to skew coverage and it is a non-issue. Then there is Oprah, who must think she will become Secretary of State. Whatever image she had for fairness is gone forever.
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    Chuck Says: Look Out Obama!

    :) :) :)
  6. Well I'm not a Dem, but if the Republicans win the White House the country is screwed.

    I wish people would stop voting on non-issues, like whether she's likeable and whether her husband is "Mr. Mom" rather than policies, and leadership, such as how McCain's lack of vetting may carry over to his lack of management talents.

    But, sadly, that's where the US is right now.
  7. Oh he looks scared alright. This is real btw not a Photoshop :p.

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    You are right we will be screwed. As long as Pelosi and Reid are leaders of congress and senate!
    But with a Democrat... that is triple trouble!

    I was just pointing out some frivilous things, those are not the reasons one should vote for anyone.
    But family values are important IMO, regardless of party affiliation.
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