Palin's Husband A Real Man's Man

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  1. Todd Palin is right out of central casting, as the female candidate's supportive husband. This guy is all man, a former oil field worker, commercial fisherman and champion snowmobile racer. The contrasts between him and the effete metrosexual Obama and the Capitol Hill lizard Biden are striking. This guy doesn't have to pretend to be a blue collar working man, like Biden. He is the real deal.


    Husband of veep choice is snowmobile racer
    By RACHEL D'ORO, Associated Press Writer Sat Aug 30, 4:17 AM ET

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska - He's known as a doting, blue-collar husband who stands on the sidelines as his wife blazes a historic trail in politics.

    But Todd Mitchell Palin can claim accomplishments beyond his marriage to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the surprise running mate of Republican presidential hopeful John McCain.

    Todd Palin is a veteran oil-field worker and commercial fisherman affectionately dubbed Alaska's "first dude." He's a man who took college courses but does not have a degree, yet can hold his own in sophisticated circles, even hosting a reception for five former Alaska first ladies earlier this month.

    A father of five, he's also a four-time winner of the world's longest snowmobile race, billed as the most grueling. It's a sport the 43-year-old lifelong Alaskan is so passionate about that he's continued to compete even after his wife took office in December 2006.

    In this year's 2,000-mile Tesoro Iron Dog contest, Palin and racing partner Scott Davis were trying to defend their 2007 championship when Palin broke his arm in a crash. It was 400 miles from the finish line, but he refused to quit, coming in fourth, cheered on by the parka-clad governor waving a checkered flag.

    "There are racers who throw in the towel pretty quick, without broken arms, with just a head cold," executive race director Laura Bedard said Friday. "This speaks highly of his character."

    Todd Palin's good-guy image recently has been slightly clouded by speculation that his wife dismissed Alaska's public safety commissioner because he would not fire a state trooper, her former brother-in-law, who allegedly made threats against the Palin family. The former commissioner, Walt Monegan, has said pressure to get rid of the trooper had come from those around Palin, including her husband.

    Todd Palin has said he took his concerns directly to Monegan. But he said he never told anyone to fire the trooper.

    Todd Palin is a highly aggressive competitor but will stop to assist a rival in trouble, according to Bedard. She said that in last year's Iron Dog, Palin and Davis helped a racer with broken ribs reach the next checkpoint before heading on to victory.

    Davis, a seven-time Iron Dog winner, could not be reached Friday, but a worker at his family's concrete block manufacturing business in Soldotna said Palin often comes into the office during race preparations. The worker, Vickie Aber, described Todd Palin as a quiet, unassuming family man not in the least intimidated by his wife's meteoric rise.

    He's not one to boast about his Iron Dog wins, either, Aber said.

    "To him, it's just like another day," she said, adding that if Palin should wind up in the White House, "it wouldn't surprise me to see him race."

    Palin, who is part Yup'ik Eskimo, was born in the western Alaska town of Dillingham. He met his future wife at a high school basketball game and they eloped in 1988, six years after graduation, to avoid the cost of a wedding.

    "We had a bad fishing year that year, so we didn't have any money," Todd Palin told The Associated Press last year. "So we decided to spend 35 bucks and go down to the courthouse."

    The Palins spend more of their time at their family home in the small town of Wasilla — where Sarah Palin served two terms as mayor — than at the governor's mansion in Juneau. At home, Todd Palin has juggled the cooking and taking care of the bills with driving the kids to extracurricular activities like basketball and soccer.
  2. If this were American Gladiators, that would be great.

    Except it's picking who's the smartest guy in the room to understand and set good policy.
  3. Holy crap, this is what the repubs think about? The husband of a potential VP? That gets their "motor running?"

    I know a lot of republicans have been caught in homosexual acts, but the manlove from AAA is a bit scary...

    Too incredibly funny...

    p.s. The Village People were real Man's men too...
  4. You metrosexuals don't understand that most voters find Obama's obvious femininity to be a serious problem. Todd Palin drove a racing snowmobile 400 miles across Alaska with a friggin broken arm. Obama considers it a crisis if his manicurist is out sick.
  5. There are so many different ways of viewing someone, an issue etc.

    One can say that Todd Palin is living out his dreams or appearing as a conservative testosterone test-bed - among many other possible things. Personally, I find Todd Palin impressive, and I greatly enjoy sports like MMA and outdoors activities, and also value personal qualities like courage, perseverance etc.

    When it comes down to it - the personal histories are all really distracting from the actual decision being asked from the voters - it is still about voting on issues, political decisions and direction. No matter how emotionally involved politicians try to make the public, one need to have clear thinking as the first and foremost concern.

    Sure personality, integrity, leadership - they are all factors, but primarily it is about what kind of direction is to be decided. Right?
  6. May I ask how this impacts good policy?

    Personally I want the high IQ nerd running the government rather than the sports hero.
  7. kut2k2


    That's a serious mancrush alright, especially since we're supposed to be voting for Prez and Veep, not First Spouse or Second Spouse. The Republicans must be tearing their hair out over the Palin choice while trying publicly, like AAA here, to cover that pig with lipstick.
  8. I would tend to agree.
    At the end of the day, it's still about Obama vs Mc Cain.

    And yet people like AAA are now hyping a VP's spouse.

    How absurd.
  9. You know what is most amzing about guys who claim to know what's best for others and the Country and claim to have higher values???!!They are always making fun in a mean-spirited way of anyone who does not agree with them or whose opinions they disagree with! And it is almost always done in a lewd or angry way! It is pervasive among people like AAA and others who post on here and claim to support Bush and Mccain. Whay are they so angry, why is this guy so angry? Is this what purported Repulicans or conservatives consider their best values! What is the goal with this kind of mean spirited name-calling attacks. Claims like "liberals" for anyone who does not agree on all issues! What is the goal here. Are they just neurotic humans who don't even see how they appear.

    It's one thing to make jokes it's another to be mean-spirited.

    So what is the personality disorder or mental issue of these people in that they cannot just make their case or support a person without making really low-class comments about others such as we read above? It's sad that these peope are so misguided as to think they actually demonstrate a higher form of human being with a higher character. It's very sad to see and hear how they delude themsleves into thinking we should actually listen to opinions of people regarding candidates and politics who demosntrate a total disregard for other people's feelings and opinions!!

    Is this how they domonstrate their alleged higher knowledge or a more insightful understanding of what is best for a Country??!!

    By verbal assaults and name-calling, by insinuations about a person's manhood or sexual orientation!

    A pity!

    >>How old are you aaa and what is your claim to fame brother? What have you done for others or ths Country lately?! Please tell us.
  10. Spouse's should not matter. But people look at them to help determine the character of the other.

    Look how much effort the Dems put into the convention to make Michelle look good.....Funny she only talked about her family , never mentioning her job(non-profit hospital) and high pay (323K) which doubled the day Obama was elected to the Senate.

    Cindy McCain, private pilot, expert Drift racer.
    Todd Palin, Commercial fisherman, snowmobile racer

    Michelle Obama, beneficiaries of Chicago machine, USA hater
    Jill Biden, PhD education..yawn...yawn..
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