Palin's "Death Panel"

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  1. On her Facebook page, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, says the future of the sick, the elderly, and the disabled will be determined by an Obama “death panel”.


    Is this the same Sarah Palin that ran with John McCain and supported caps on carbon emissions . . . only to then turn around and say that she was against any kind of "cap and trade" policy?

    God, I sure hope she runs again for President. It's so entertaining. :D
  2. It doesn't get much better than this:

    :D :D :D

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  3. leftist-logic ... love to hate it, kill it, bury it...

    Today, the left's complaints include having to negotiate with HMO's and insurance companies for needed services.

    Tomorrow, those same negotiations will have to occur with some federal beauracracy.

    So, the only difference would be that the HMO's today have a legal-contractual obligation to deliver services, while the Feds will be under no such constraints.

    Here is irony at its finest, the Rights' insistence that Malpractice reform be a major part of reform, will be taken care of by the Marxist-Left's national plan, because as well all should know, it would be impossible to sue the feds.
  4. You mean like Lance Poulsen, the CEO of a healthcare company based in Ohio who got convicted in a $1.9 Billion dollar fraud case?

    And you don't think that health care in the U.S. isn't broken???

    This has nothing to do with being "left" or "right". We spend $2.6 TRILLION on health care in this country.

    How much do you spend on your health care premiums? I know what I currently pay and it goes up every year faster than gasoline does for my car even though I am in excellent health.
  5. Sarah Palin is a joke, i am praying pardon the pun that rebups arent dumb enough to nominate her, all i want right now is someone with half a brain(which eliminates palin) who chooses to practice fiscal responsibility, if you could get that, i would go along with any other dumbshit idea they had, so long as it doesnt mean devaluing the dollar and spending more money for nothing, the problem is that once most of these government programs start they are very tough to shut down as people already have their hand in the proverbial cookie jar. Someone has to stop the government spending, scratch that bleeding, i really hope someone can understand this concept over the next few years, though there is no doubt in my mind the next election will turn into another "spend money" pissing contest.....

    Look at what just happened in California, they cut spending by 33% and balanced the budget when forced to, The problem is that when the federal government is forced to cut spending the dollar will already be toast, and the U.S. as a nation will already be done for.

  6. Malpractice suits account for 1 % of health care costs
  7. Rush , Palin,and the hypocritical nature of of numerous Republicans is the reason I hate the Republican party and I will never vote for them

    Rush calls Obama a Nazi and Palin says he heads a death squad because he wants every American to have health care and wants Ins companies to stop denying coverage for doctor recommend treatments and pre existing conditions

    The Republican party will never get my vote
  8. cstfx


    Wow, you people were calling Bush a Nazi and creating Bush/Hitler caricatures long before Rush started his crap! Pathetic whiners.

    "Hello, Kettle, this is Pot, you're black."
  9. I was a registered Republican for 28 years and got tired of the BS that the GOP was espousing about being fiscally conservative while spending like a drunken sailor on shore leave during their majority in the House.

    Being a 4th generation Californian, I also didn't enjoy watching Bush and his good old buddy at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Pat Wood III ( who was recommended to Bush by Kenneth Lay of Enron ) stand idly by while ENRON "gamed" and manipulated the California power grid during the last recesssion.

    This told me that Bush was not a leader or a genuine Statesman. He couldn't have cared any less if the world's 6th largest world economy went down the tubes . . . and the countries largest economic locomotive went off the track.

    Now, we have a GOP that is the "Party of No" without any insightful or positive leadership that actually PRESENTS SOLUTIONS to this Country's biggest issues.

    It's pretty ironic, but if the GOP wants to win back seats in the House and Senate and Governorship races in 2010, they actually need America to fall off the precipice and into a full blown Depression.

    Given where we were in Q4 of last year, I certainly don't want to be a part of that "party".

    We still have a long way to go as it is in trying to get this economy going again. In the meantime, I have not heard any SOLUTIONS coming out of the GOP. All I have heard are negative rhetorical attacks that are anything but constructive or offer a solution.

    In fact, if there are any solutions coming out of the GOP, I'd love to hear them. Can anyone name some?
  10. GOP solutiions:

    Nuke Iran
    Outlaw abortion
    Drill Baby Drill
    Outlaw gay marriage
    Cut taxes for the rich when revenue is declining
    Privatize Social Security
    Eliminate all government regulation and consumer protections

    etc, etc, etc....

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