Palin's act is old already

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  1. Shes repeating the same hackneyed put downs she used at the RNC. Its giving her the patina of a PMSing whiney little debutante; at this level she is a debutante. We'll see what happens when the writers get their hands out of her back and she debates Biden. Shes too new to be going around spewing trash like Coulter and kicking anybody in the shins, even if it is the opposition. I'll bet even some conservatives find Coulter distasteful -- I said some, not you. A woman needs some grace, even if she is a conservative. Of course the right won't recognize it, for them immodesty looks like confidence -- she can do no wrong and they'll rationalize any and everything she says as golden. I would submit -- this isn't Alaska precious. But as for capturing Hillary's female constituency ... behaving like she's been through it all and has nothing to learn won't make it happen.
  2. I think that it is actually an insult to women that the RNC seems to think that Palin will attract anyone close to being a Hillary supporter. Their views are literally direct-opposites.

    Hasn't America become "dumbed-down" enough after two-terms of Bush?
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    It's a thing of beauty. Republican dirty tricksters created that PUMA bullshit about "millions of disenfranchised Hillary supporters" with no place to go ... and McCain falls for it!! That's the main reason Hot Hockey Mom is on his ticket -- to get the fictional PUMAs. :D
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    Why is it all of Palin's so called put downs start with "I guess when ..." Did anyone catch her in WI today? She could barely read the script and completely butchered her "I guess when.." line. Her passive-aggressive little put downs appear to be the extent of her substance for the McSame campaign.
  5. We will eventually see how good Palin really is soon enough.

    Much has been made about how qualified Palin is relative to Obama. I think it is fairly clear Obama can make his own speeches and is very gifted in that area. I think it is indisputable that if he really needed to he could dispense with the speechwriters. Palin performed well at the RNC but it is not yet clear to me how able she is to stand on her own. The challenge now is to see if she can hold up under scrutiny. If she is the genuine article her performance will reflect that. If she is an act merely mouthing the bullet points, then that should increasingly become obvious too.
  6. She seems to be fufilling what Obama's campaign feared from Michelle. The strong but haughty black woman as a first lady is
    just an image that America isn't ready for and at the least would
    compromise Obamas almost to barely faithful vote. Just an aside, Chris Rock has a routine where he paints the scenario of Barrack finding out he won the election and says, "honey I won the election, I'm the Prresident" and Michelle replies, "no ...WE the President, and I want my girlfriend in the cabinet". It would have done Palin alot more good to put the vindictiveness aside and take the high road of hockey mom who can identify with middle America's economic problems. What she did of course flew in spades with the choir but undecideds are undecided because their magnifying glasses are higher power and will see through the claptrap.
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    I thought her parading her underage pregnant daughter and her unwilling future husband on stage beyond warped.Boasting that your 17yr old daughter is pregnant and parading her at a convention is hardly an appropriate reaction to her daughters situation.The daughter is a role model of what NOT to do.The mother's judgement and behavior is derelict.

    That future husband had quite a myspace page were he claimed he was redneck and he didnt want children.IS that why he looked shellshocked at the convention?
    I wonder how they 'convinced' him to marry the daughter?
    Im sure in the near future he will write a tell all book that will give him some exposure and hopefully scare lots of young dudes into using condoms or face the consequences.
  8. Palin's daughter got pregnant. So what. Teenagers do that. But Democrat teenagers abort theirs. Palin is just trying to show people that if you do get pregnant, aborting the child is not the answer. In fact, it is murder in the 1st degree.

    That's one big difference between the two parties. One likes to have their children, and the other likes to slaughter them. In the last 30 years, 20 million unborn black children have been slaughtered before they even took their first breath of fresh air.

    Now tell me, who is the derelict again?
  9. the point is....... even if Palin's husband got his own daughter pregnant, Palin would still be against abortion.

    if a lunatic escaped an insane asylum and somehow broke into Palins home at night ..... violently raped her daughter and got her pregnant......... Palin would be against an obortion.


    Such persons can no longer be mentally reached and are beyond help....... lost for ever ...... and are fodder for slick evangelical peddlers looking to fleece them
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