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  1. I want to see Palin run in 2012 as the front runner against Obama.
  2. Of course you do, because you're a retard.

    Any sensible person would suggest someone with a brain, like Mitt Romney.

    But you lack a brain, ergo your brainless suggestion for a brainless candidate.

  3. oh bearish one keep in mind that McCain got a 10 point pump in the polls following the republican convention.
  4. oh bullish one keep in mind that you were predicting Dow 14,500 by now.

  5. :D :D :D
  6. Followed by a 20 point drop when people started hearing her speak
  7. ===========================
    Stock T3;
    She may have more power than some realize;
    she speaks in a bear market & it goes/trends down,again.
    :D Glenn Beck had a good exspose on all the bias ,today.

    ABC Network Joy B said ''she airel kills wolves, thats a mean thing to do'' With all due respect, i wonder if Joy B of ABC ever thought twice ??

    Especially since Alaskan NATIVE IiNDIANS & others depend on caribou for food. Wolf management is part of a well thought out plan. gave this a notable quotable award.