Palin won’t say whether veep is an executive post

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    Remember DICK Cheney claiming he wasn't part of the executive branch in order to duck complying with presidential orders? Guess what, kiddies? :mad:

    Palin won’t say whether veep is an executive post
    By Kevin Bogardus
    Posted: 09/18/08 08:05 PM [ET]

    Vice President Dick Cheney has said his office only partially belongs to the executive branch. Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden disagrees and Republican rival Sarah Palin isn’t saying.

    Sen. Biden (Del.) believes the office he is seeking is solely in the executive branch, according to his staff. But aides to Alaska Gov. Palin did not answer the question.

    “Unlike Dick Cheney, Joe Biden won’t have to create a full employment plan for lawyers and scholars to clear up something that was unquestioned for about 200 years. The vice president is part of the executive branch, period. End of story,” said Biden spokesman David Wade.

    In turn, a spokesman for the Republican presidential campaign did not answer the question. Instead, he e-mailed remarks Palin gave at a campaign rally in Golden, Colo., on Monday.

    Palin did not say what branch of government she believes the vice president’s office is part of in those remarks. Instead, Palin said she and Republican presidential nominee John McCain had discussed what responsibilities she would take on as his second-in-command.

    “My mission is going to be energy, security and government reform and another thing near and dear to my heart: It’s going to be helping families who have special needs and children with special needs,” said Palin.

    A Cheney spokesperson declined to comment for this story.

    Cheney has argued that his office is not fully part of the executive branch or the legislative branch, but instead part of both.

    Aides to Cheney have used that argument at times to avoid disclosure of certain records, such as documents detailing privately paid travel taken by officials, and releasing names of the office’s employees to the federal directory known as the Plum Book. Wade said Biden would disclose those records.

    “He will end the Cheney era of secrecy in the vice presidency and transparency, transparency, transparency will be the new mantra. This will be the most open and transparent administration in history,” said the Biden spokesman.

    WTF is anybody touting up this bitch's executive experience when she's pulling a DICK Cheney on not belonging to the Executive Branch? :mad:
  2. According to your title "Palin won't say". Yet according to your article, a "spokesman" wouldn't say. Do you have a quote somewhere from Palin? If not, aren't you misrepresenting the situation?

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    A spokesman speaks for the candidate until the candidate says otherwise.

    Biden's spokesman answered the question.

    Palin's spokesman ducked the question.

    If we judge leaders by their lieutenants, Biden is at least ten times the leader Palin is.
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    They all suck and this country is going into a fiscal hell.