Palin was Right on "Death Panels"

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  1. Sarah Palin was Right on "Death Panel" Warning; Obama Budget Director Describes "Independent Payment Advisory Board" in ObamaCare - Video

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    Remember how liberals laughed and scoffed at Gov. Sarah Palin's warning that passage of Government Health Care would result in "death panels?" By "death panel" she was warning that once Government ran Health Care, it would be in the Government's interests to ration care in order to reduce costs. The result would be end of life decisions being made by bureaucrats based on the cost of the care rather than by doctors on what is best for the patient.

    Well, she was dead on right. Here is video of Obama's Budget Director - Peter Orszag - describing the key component of the ObamaCare legislation passed in March: The "Independent Payment Advisory Board." He describes this board as being the group that will move the Health Care system to focus on "quality and efficiency" rather than quantity." The board's focus will be Medicare patients (the elderly - "end of life"), and whatever cost saving "targets" they decree will automatically take effect unless Congress acts to change their decision, AND the President signs the Congressional action.

    An incredulous reporter asks Orszag if this was explained to Congress when it was being considered, and he said "Yes it was."

    Notice how Orszag is careful to throw the word "quality" in to make this Board sound noble. But if their focus is on reducing costs in care to the elderly (Medicare), reducing "quantity" in terms of care, then it leads to the logical conclusion that fewer procedures, medications, etc. will be provided to seniors. That will be lower quantity and quality of care to those impacted.
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    The objection is to the term "death panel". They could have as easily been called "life panels". Palin was politicking.
  3. What a foolish argument, really nonsense from Palin.

    Health care rationing goes on today, with or without government.

    Those who can afford it, get it.

    Those who can't afford it, don't get it.

    Those who can afford it go to Europe, etc. if necessary.

    The wealthy will still get whatever health care they need.

    Do the right wingers know that people routinely now go to Mexico for health they can't afford it here in the US?

    So a "Death Panel" is exactly the same as a health insurer deciding that it is not economically justifiable to give someone health care. It happens all the time. It will continue to happen all the time, until such time that the people of America genuinely put life first...which they actually don't...especially when it comes to profit for the private sector.
  4. Isnt the govt healthcare only for those who can't afford or don't have private insurance, so what would have happened to these people without the govt plan?

    Also, the private insurance companies regularly reject claims and in some cases very coldly using computer models, why isnt the term applied there with the same regularity? :confused:
  5. until such time that the people of America genuinely put life first...

    The homeless/mentally ill have a constitutional right to decay on the sidewalk. Do you suppose if we valued life, there would be mandatory treatment? Umnnn sorry, don't work that way.

  6. Do "those impacted" include Congress (current and past members), their families and other government elites?
  7. Palin: "The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama's "death panel" so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their "level of productivity in society," whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil."

    HuffPo: "Palin included a video of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), another fierce and hyperbolic critic of the president, saying Obama's plan would mean depriving senior citizens and disabled people of proper care."

    Silly me, I'm pretty golly you betcha sure that the left was preaching how this whole idea of rationing was made up by right wing extremists and wasn't going to happen under the government, and in fact, was the reason we needed universal care.
  8. no elites whether political, government, economic, entertainment, labor etc. will be impacted. the other guy is right, the rich (however they got that way) will go whereever they want whenever they want.
  9. Oh, this could be fun if I keep digging:

    ", a fact-checking Web site owned by the St. Petersburg Times, has selected its No. 1 political falsehood of the year: Sarah Palin's assertion that the Democratic health care bill would create "death panels" -- government bodies with authority to decide whether individual citizens should receive medical treatment. The site said that 61 percent of its readers also voted Palin's "death panel" remark as the No. 1 political lie of the year."

    Liberal intellectuals, you-betchya!
  10. Oh well, I suppose someone could make the argument that a fetus has the constitutional right to be aborted...because the fetus doesn't say no to the abortion, and we all know that if you don't say is implied consent, right?

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