Palin Visited Iraq

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  1. She just never ventured into Iraq.


    Palin camp clarifies extent of Iraq trip
    Says she never ventured beyond Kuwait border

    You keep on reading these type of OUT-RIGHT LIES and her approval rating only keeps climbing.

    the average american is dumb. we all know that.

    the reality of their effing stupidity is even more horrendous.

    we're dealing with stupidity on par with the average Chavez voter.

    are there really that many illiterate barefooted idiots running around in the south?

    Palin also told ABC that she had traveled to Mexico and Canada. Her campaign had previously mentioned a Canada visit, but not a trip to Mexico. Comella said yesterday that Palin had visited Mexico on vacation, and Canada once last year.

    why the fuck democrats are not tearing her a new one every day is beyond me.

    some one please inform the faggots running the obama camp that politics is a blood sport.

    are the retards scared of being beaten up on their way home?

    amazing the shit that palin just keeps on giving. You really CAN NOT make some of this stuff up.