Palin the Barbarian: The More She Becomes Known to Average Folk, The Worse She'll Do

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  1. She is a real fruitcake. I say that without qualification. She's David Koresh material.

    She believes (among other wacky things):

    That abortion should be strictly illegal even in cases of rape or incest.

    In 'Creationism,' which espouses that the earth is only several thousand years old.

    That mankind is not responsible for contributing to greenhouse warming of the earth's climate in any way, shape or form.

    That G_d becomes directly involved in disputes such as oil & gas pipelines if you pray hard enough.

    That Polar Bears should not be listed as endangered (she sued to try and prevent such a designation).

    The Church she belongs to believes that:

    Alaska will soon be a refuge for Christians in the 'End Days' of the Rapture, which will be upon us soon.

    It is possible and essential to 'speak in tongues' during worship service.

    Only the hardest core of the evangelicals (not even moderate or conservative religious people; only HARD CORE extremists) could possibly find this woman anything other than incredibly terrifying anywhere near the nuclear football.

    No wonder they're trying to keep her from the press.

    Feel free to supplement this list regarding this extremely whacked out and very frightening woman that even average Americans wouldn't want to be anywhere near the White House once they find out how screwy this broad is.

  2. lol, talk about barking up the wrong tree.

    You better check your boy Obama.

    "US KKK of A!"


    what is wrong with you liberals anyway?
  3. I get the sense that a handful of these thread starters are on the dole for Obama.

    They start new threads using the same anti-Palin information from previous posts.

    Seems more like a campaign.

    Go to other forums and you see the same anti-Palin text.
    This is a coordinated copy&paste text program
  4. I have felt that for some time. No doubt they assign people various message boards to infiltrate. This board has basically been taken over by a small group of extreme leftists who seem to have nothing better to do than attack Sarah Palin, with lies I might add, all day, every day.
  5. When I come to a trading board and find a leftie posting they get immediatly ignored. I figure it must be a campaign.

    Why else would a pinko hang around in a place that is designed to discuss the ultimate in capital pursuits?
  6. Typical Palinmaniac...

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  8. Obama=phony

  9. Perhaps you would like to explain why Buffet, Soros, and most hedge fund managers support the Democrats over the Republicans.
  10. It would be a lot more constructive if, instead of this kind of rhetoric (which is the same as the alleged rhetoric you're criticizing) you would try to refute some of those claims. Then they OP would be forced to give citations instead of just typing in a bunch of text. That way we could find out if any of these disturbing claims are true (you do admit that if these claims are true, it's disturbing, right?) and we could make some progress.

    If she really believes in all of this, I dothink she's unqualified to be Vice-President or President in the modern age. You may not agree, but I assure you that there are a majority of Americans who would.

    All I know for sure is that she opposes the termination of gang-rape induced pregnancies in 14 year-old kids. That's been widely reported. That's a morally repugnant position, and an example of the worst type of religious extremism, just as bad as anything we accuse our enemies of.
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