Palin says, "once you go black you ....."

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  1. " Once had black never go back"- like the roulette table
  2. I must admit I thought ole girl was as racist as artful dodger,I was wrong
  3. Lucrum


    No kidding, she'll take black dick up the ass just like you will.
  4. 377OHMS


    Shame on you Lucrum. The guy is disabled. Take it easy on him will you?
  5. not a big fan of the negroids to be fair
  6. You share too much personal information luke
  7. Lucrum


    Uh whatever you say dopey.
  8. If it works for you bud
  9. I am not a racist- but the Caucasian is far better than the the negroid - in itelligence
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