Palin Resigns as Gov of Alaska

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    Specualtion that she will focus full-time on her efforts for the 2012 Presidential Bid:

    If she gets the Republican nod in 2012, this guarantees Obama the Presidency through 2016.

    It would be extremely sad to think that Palin is the best the Republicans have to offer. The Republican Party continues to hit new lows by the week.

    Glad I'm an Independent !
  2. That woman is a total idiot.

    The republicans have Ron Paul. That's all they need. Last election though, the media totally worked against him. It was the most ridiculous bias I'd ever seen against a candidate who, at one point, had been polling at around 10%. The establishment wanted McCain, because McCain was going to do the same thing as Obama is doing now.

    ... And we all KNOW McCain is a puppet.
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    She is pretty hot, I guess I would vote for her. :D

  4. She won't.
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    'It would be extremely sad to think that Palin is the best the Republicans have to offer.'

    No wonder US is in such a bad shape after 8 years of GOP rule. Don't blame it on Bush alone, Republican thinking in its basics is at fault and is badly dieseased.

    On the otherhand, afer nearly 6 months in office Obama has not been able to create a presidential figure and image for himself. This might hurt him in 2012. He lacks the normal weight and projects little authority of a leader. But his decisions have been right and serve the interests of the US well.

    :D :cool:
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    I love(d) Ron Paul, but he is so anti-Republican in terms of how the party currently works, that he'd never get endorsed. Paul would need to start an independent grass-roots movement as an Independent. However, I think he's 72, so his age will probably eliminate him from any future contention.
  7. It wasn't just the media - the GOP didn't want him either. They restricted his access to the GOP convention. They gave him a pass, but told him he couldn't have any guests, and he had to return the pass when he stepped out of the convention hall. I don't think they hamstrung other Republicans that way.

    Going through the Republican candidate debate, you could see that neither the left nor the right media gave him a favorable look.
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    I agree on most fronts. I think Obama is really rolliing the dice with his stiumulus package. He will either be hailed as a hero in 2012, or be out on his ass. I don't agree with his deficit spending spree, but I think he is obligated to do something, rather than letting market forces ferret themselves out. Myself, I believe in letting the banks fail, AIG fail, the car industry fail, etc. Weed out the crap, and hasten the bottoming out of the economy. Of course, my methods bring unemployment up to 15-20 %, and lots of chaos would result. However, I think we'd be better off in the long-run, for it.
  9. Sad, but True.
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