Palin represents the best and brightest in American politics.

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Palin is the Pinnacle of intelligence and the future of our nation

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  1. So is she the best there is for the Republican party?
  2. Ricter


    These results sadden me, because our polls here at ET typically lean right. This suggests that even the right amongst us do not support Palin. The right really, really needs a strong candidate to come forward.
  3. That should encourage you, maybe the republicans will start to put a little higher quality (better & brighter) of canditate out there. If you like Palin don't be discouraged a poll of 9 may not mean much.
  4. I really would like to see an intelligent strong TRUE conservative (Fiscal conservative), small government and a believer in true free markets without bailouts or pork.

    And someone who will not get into peoples bedroom or thump the bible.

    This would be someone that I would vote for.