Palin on OReilly

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  1. That lady is stupid. The expression on OReilly's face is priceless. It was a look of disbelief as she tried to explain away how it was OK for Rush to say the r word. Too bad OReilly wasn't allowed to grill her like he does those on the left, that would of been a hoot. I know a lot of you guys are hot for her, but try to find someone to follow who can at least hold a conversation.
  2. Arnie


    She's a dingbat.

    I can't believe the left is really scared of her but they must be. Why else all the attention?
  3. Two points:

    The left is not scared of her, they want her to be the nominee for president.

    Secondly, what is scary to the left is that at least 20% of Americans actually think she should be is difficult for the left to believe people could be that stupid, or that someone as useless as Palin could get such a following...

    I guess the same brain damaged voters who supported to Bush to the bitter end had to find another idiot to follow...

  4. I actually understand that sentiment, because it was equally baffling to me how >50% of the country could seemingly believe that it was perfectly reasonable to vote for an inexperienced, unqualified, chicago machine pol with a background as a radical activist for a group of thugs called ACORN.

    Voters don't seem to know the difference between American Idol and voting for the leader of the free world. Whatever. If the choice is Obama and Palin, I'll go for Palin.
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    Palin is a fraud. She coopted the tea-party movement to herd Republicans back on the neocon wagon.
  6. Ricter


    Yeah? Prove it.

    Well done.
  7. When you laugh and point at a clown, it's not about fear. It's about funny.
    See? Now that's funny. And so I laugh and point.
  8. Nobody is scared of idiot Palin,the more she is in the lime light the less more qualified Republicans aren't.

    As Optional said,the left would love for her to be the nominee,they're prying for it.Even her running hurts better qualified Republican candidates
  9. The ideal scenario for the dems is for her to really "Go Rogue" and run as a third party candidate, fully wrecking the repubs chance to defeat a singular dem candidate...

    I know the point will be lost on the brain damaged retards who are enamored with Palin, but Palin mentioned several times in the interview with Bill Orally "My Facebook Page."

    Shit, teenagers talk about their facebook page...this woman is dumb as dirt...

  10. I Agree.

    I wonder what are the chances of her running third party ?The Republicans know that would kill any chance of winning 2012 .Shes such an attention whore that after she loses the primary shes likely to consider third party.Can they stop her ?

    They built this uncontrollable monster now its going to be fun watching them try to stop it :D
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