Palin:Obama might declar war to win re-election

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    The US was founded on the protection of the church from the state.
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  2. These are serious times and we need serious people. We can all disagree in some repsect as to what needs to be done moving forward, but we need to have some confidence that the people in play have some idea of what the heck they're doing. Palin isn't one of those people. I still say she'll flame out before the real election cycle begins. Presidential that is.
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    She's getting her base fired up to bargain for a possible cabinet seat , imho
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    Lol, They feared God, absolutely and prayed that He would guide the state. Quit reading revisionist history.
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  5. Quit writing it.
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    Why don't you start with "Of Plymouth Plantation" written by William Bradford early 1600's. It will give you an accurate account of the daily lives of the Puritans and the background of which the Founding Fathers emerged.

    The separation of Church and State written into the Constitution was to prevent the State from interfering with the Church not the opposite. And was the reason the Colonists fled England, via Holland and eventually onto these shores. The Foundations of the Country were laid on the concept of the freedom to Worship the God of the Bible without retaliation from the State. "God of the Bible" not Muslim, Hindu, Revised Earthen based Druidism or anything else for that matter.

    From Washington down on, Jefferson, Adams, all, give God's sovereignty and protection as the only hope for the Union to succeed.

    There has been a orchestrated effort to rewrite the history books staring back in the 80's to eliminate the association and reliance in God in our Countries early history. Actually in can be traced back to Engel v. Vitale in 1962 where the SCOTUS ruled against prayer in school, resulting in our countries moral decline.

    Grab a history book circa 1960's or before and see how today's view, even their quotations, differs.

    That's the truth, you've been drinking the kool-aid.
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  7. Looks like someone popped a fudgie. From what I understand, the warming effect is only temporary.
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    Go ahead and enjoy your delusion.
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  10. --------------------------------------------------------------------

    Wallet, you are saying you believe your god is the real god. All other religion is not real god. So in this whole world that your god create, why most people do not see your god of the bible as true?
    And you do not question that it is more likely to where you are born in this world to what you believe?
    So when you say "give god's sovereignty and protection as the only hope for the union to succeed.", you really say only god of the bible believers have rights in this world.
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