Palin:Obama might declar war to win re-election

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  1. Do what exactly?
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  2. Obama > Bush

    Not a fan of Obama, but thank goodness that monkey Bush is out of office. I also don't like many of Obama's policies, but he destroyed the Republicans in their townhall meeting... alone and without a teleprompter. As long as Republicans are hijacked by religious fanatics or big business industrial complex cronies, then real conservatism won't exist in the White House for a long time.
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  3. obama is just a a cross between a shyster lawyer, dictator and snake-oil salesman eerily like fdr.

    Hopefully obama is smarter and will wise up to the fact that the economy will continue to be in the toilet as long as he keeps thinking govt spending =the production of wealth and is anti-business.
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  4. From Mark Steyn:

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  5. Bush > Osama

    Not a fan of Osama, too bad he isn't a real President like Bush was. I don't like any of Osama's policies. Even while reading the teleprompter, he still stutters because his reading skills are lacking. As long as Democrats are voted in by the poor, uneducated, perverted, and clueless, then smart politcal decisions will never be made in DC.
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  6. cstfx


    Yes, because Presidents would NEVER use wars or threats of war or terrorism (or Bin Laden tapes) as a means to scare the public to win a vote.

    Stuff like that just never happens.
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  7. This tube clip is what I see when watching Palin. Makes me want to gouge my eyes out and stick pencils through my ear drums. I've had enough of this broad and her awww shucks routine. The Repubs put up anybody other than Romney they're nuts.
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  8. As long as Republicans are hijacked by religious fanatics or big business industrial complex cronies,

    Our country was founded on the god fearing and greedy mofo business's. The demise correlates to the tearing down of the two.
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  9. I agree on both counts. Not that I am a big fan of Romney since I have a more liberal bent, but he would be a contender among thinking conservatives. He wouldn't likely be an embarrassment to his country whereas Palin most certainly would be, and already is.
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  10. The US was founded on separation of church and state, rather than on god fearing. If anything, the founding fathers demonstrably feared god getting in the way of state.
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