Palin:Obama might declar war to win re-election

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  1. Palin: Obama could win votes by playing 'war card'

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    WASHINGTON – Sarah Palin says that if President Barack Obama "played the war card," he could improve his chances of being re-elected.

    Palin says that declaring war on Iran or showing stronger support for Israel might convince voters that Obama is tougher than they think on national security and doing all he can to protect the U.S.

    Otherwise, according to Palin, Obama won't be re-elected if he continues on his current path.

    Palin was interviewed on "Fox News Sunday" — the network where the former GOP vice presidential nominee is a paid commentator.
  2. Palin is too stupid to understand "it's the economy stupid."

    However, she is on Fox news speaking to the dumbest TV audience in history (Fox News lovers) and she and other republicans know that the Bush war mongering got the Fox news voters to vote for it is understandable that Palin would be worried if Obama did start a bogus war with Iran it might cost her...err the republicans the election...

  3. Message to obama from a lbertarian:

    It's not the economy stupid, it's the Constitution : quit using it for toilette paper and the economy will fix itself.

    Continue on your present course and not only will you lose . Minorities will be saddled with your suck ass legacy , barring them from the WH for at least 40 yrs.
  4. Sure, I'll bet you said the same thing about Bush II, Clinton, Bush I, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, etc.

    Uhhh....hey whitey...minorities won't be barred from the white house, or haven't you been paying attention to demographics...

  5. Unless he drops the south american style socialism, obama is destined to be remembered as the shit stain that he is, might even make jimmy cHarter look good.
  6. You have no clue, none.

    When you and your brethren move to Australia, have fun...

  7. Well let's just say I won't put up with supporting a society that fully embraces/realizes obama's ideals.
  8. "I won't put up with it, I won't...I won't...I won't...whaaaa, whaaaaa,

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  9. I can guarantee you one thing z, when the productive citizens refuse to support the nanny state: they won't be the ones crying and wetting themselves.
  10. You are a whiner...

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