Palin not qualified but this women is?

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    What is to be gained by endorsing her? This "wouldn't it be nice" fantasy of being named Senator will (gently) fizzle and die, very soon, and she'll return to previous endeavors (eating apples through a picket fence, etc.) For Democrats, the cost/benefit analysis of keeping your mouth shut is a no-brainer.
  2. The only reason to endorse her would be if she could add to rhe powerbase endorser. Bloomberg is a prime example.

  3. :confused:

    let me guess. You from Tennessee? Or is it Arkansas?

    it's guys like this poster who stand in line for 10 hours to vote. everyone else says FUCK and goes around their business.

    all I gotta say is america is FUCKED.
  4. Ya know, she says "ya know" waaay more than Palin winks.
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    She's a, you know, a, ah, a Kennedy and, ah, you know, yeah, you know, a liberal. you know?

    Umm... you know, it's all, you know, about you know, liberals right now. You know?

    OK. You know. Well, mmm, now you, ah, you know.
  6. Blagojevich is making an attempt to appoint a person to the seat himself, Caroline Kennedy is a huge detriment to the democratic party because they are actually taking her seriously and Obama is laying on the beach in Hawaii saying each and everyday that he is not president while not even making a statement about the issues of the day.

    If I knew the democrats would have been this entertaining I would have voted for them back in November.

    Let the shit show continue.
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    Well let's see... she's stupid AND butt ugly.

    Sounds like the perfect female democratic candidate to me.

  8. What planet are you on?
    Please name one significant leader in the DNC that has endorsed her. I dare you.

    No one in the democratic party is taking Caroline Kennedy seriously.
    She can't even formulate a single sentence clearly without saying "you know".

    And with the way in which she has spurned the media and doesn't have the slightest knowledge base on major issues, she's the Democratic version of Sarah Palin.

    She wasn't even aware of how miserable her own voting record has been when the AP brought up how she failed to vote in a number of elections since registering in NYC in 1988.

    A total air-head.
    No one in the Democratic Party is taking her seriously, let alone endorsing her candidacy.
    That would be political suicide.

    The huffington post makes her sound like she has more experience than anyone on the face of the earth while newsweek wonders how anyone could even run successfully against her.

    Landis I think you have been living in a cave for the last month or two.
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