Palin More Qualified Than Obama

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  1. Leaving aside the fact that one is a normal American mom who happens to like to hunt and fish, and could probably take obama to school on a basketball court, and one is an effete multimillionaire with a lot of degrees and an elitist's condescending view of ordinary americans, the fact is Palin has far more in terms of actual experience than Obama. Obama has never really done or run anything, except to run for office. Palin has.
  2. Classic.

    You don't want superior, you want normal, regular and average to lead the country.

    Never forget AAA also supported Bush, another "normal, regular, and average" guy for president...twice.

    This is why we are falling behind as a nation, we are filled with normal, regular, and average people who don't want leaders who are above average and superior...

    How about this is a concept?

    We vote in the best and the brightest to lead our country.........

  3. What is "superior" about Obama?

    What makes him the "best and brightest"?

    If going to Harvard and speaking well make someone qualified for President, we might as well have Ted Kennedy (shudder).
  4. Reagan was mercilessly caricatured by the liberal media as a dunce. All he was able to do was win the Cold War, cause the breakup of the Soviet Union, rescue our economy and turn the country around. Bush, by contrast, had a degree from Yale and Harvard MBA. Of course, as a republican, he too was ridiculed by the left as too dumb to breathe on his own.

    Other than taking full advantage of affirmative action, I see absolutely nothing in Obama's thin resume to indicate he is somehow the best and brightest. Maybe the best and brightest community organizer on the south side, or maybe the most intelligent person to remain a member of Rev. Wright's black liberation church. If we truly wanted the best and the brightest, Mitt Romney would be president.
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    What he said
  6. A Harvard MBA doesn't require passing the bar...which in Bush's case, he could never do.

    Hell, he couldn't even get admitted to law school, so his daddy pulled strings to get him into the easy path, an MBA from Harvard.

    The fantasy that Reagan won the cold war has been debunked so many times that those who spout such nonsense are clearly brain impaired by listening to too much right wing radio...

    Oh, and your party didn't want the best and brightest, did they?

    They got what they wanted...the oldest and the dumbest, who now picks a soccer mom for his running mate...John McBush, the dumbing down by the republican party continues.

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    First he has to be nominated by YOUR party. So really it's just you guys who don't want the best and brightest. :D

    BTW the USSR was already falling when Reagan came along and took credit for it. It "helped" that he outspent them on weapons, but he simultaneously tripled our national debt single-handedly. And of course your boys Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. (especially Bush Jr.) just ballooned that debt to really astronomical heights. Bright guy Clinton actually brought the debt down some before your guys said, "Damn the debt! Full speed ahead!"

    Yeah you're the party of fiscal responsibility and security (NOT!).
  8. TKO. But it wasn't fair. You beat the man with his own fists.
  9. Yeah right. Jimmy Carter dealt the Soviets a punishing blow by boycotting the Olympics. They ran over him like Ohio State against a high school squad. Not only did Reagan face down the Soviets and won the Cold War, he convinced the Iranians they didn't want any part of him and they released the embassy hostages the day he took office.

    It really galls you liberals that the greatest president of our lifetime was an old guy utterly lacking in the "nuance" you prize so highly in liberal candidates. He was guided by a set of basic principles, and unlike democrats, he didn't need to review the overnight polling to figure out what they were going to be for that day.
  10. The Reagan fantasy, the #1 wet dream of the right wing...

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