Palin & Joe Sixpack

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  1. Isn't it ironic that the same rich white guys that have handed the 'Joe Sixpack' talking point down to Sarah Palin vociferously rail against progressive taxation as being class warfare?
  2. Why don't you make the case you state.
    If taxes are not progressive enough please show it.

    Show what percent of taxes each income strata pays, What percent of people pay no tax?

    Once you learn the numbers and are not ashamed to post them you may change your feelings.
  3. Slaves don't pay any taxes at all does not mean they benefit from the system. Too often people like Rush Limbaugh and others point out that the rich pay most taxes and their portion has actually increased since 2000. To this there is a simple counter: when most of the economic opportunities go to the rich it is only natural they will pay more taxes from it.
  4. Again, the issues is what is fair and who decides.

    Are you willing to declear what you think is fair?
    If you were in charge what percent of tax would be fair for the following income groups

    Earners of Top 5%
    Earners over75%-95%
    Earners over 40%
    Earners under 40%
  5. It is not only about what is fair it is also about pragmatic considerations. It is in the best interest of the rich to have a stable middle class. Marie Antoinette found out what happens when you don't.

    Who decides? The government. What is fair? Top rates should be under 50% otherwise the government is taking a bigger portion of your check than you. I would say something like 40% tops for the highest income tax bracket(maybe 45%..).
  6. What percent of total taxes should each group pay
    if Goverment collects $100 how much of that $100 does the person in the top 10% of income earners pay.

    How much of the $100 should be paid by people who are in the bottom 40% of income earners
  7. Please show me where I 'stated a case' regarding the optimal level of progressivity for our tax structure.

    My underlying suggestion was this: rich white guys just might be trying to manipulate their SixPack step-brothers&sisters - in this case using Sarah Palin as a folksy, winking ('I'm one of you guys') prop.

  8. Define class warfare.
    If a small group of income earners are burdened to pay a huge amount of the total goverement take, at what point does it become class warfare.

    Can you put a percent on it, What number would you say is "unfair"
  9. Sarah, please stick to the original topic.
  10. What are you are trying to do is be cute and set a trap. According to Rush Limbaugh website the top 25% pay 86.0% of federal taxes and it is actually bigger portion than before bush's taxes.

    The problem here is that those numbers are fluid and reflect the simple reality that most new economic opportunities have gone to the wealthy. If your salary is stagnant and you are in middle class there is no way you can pay a bigger portion than before.

    Would it shock you to know that back in the day when the top income tax bracket was 90%+ middle class paid a bigger portion of the federal taxes than it is today? It would seem counterintuitive but as I said a prosperous middle class will pay a bigger portion of taxes than if it is on its back.

    Instead of trying to be cute and compare the end result which is fluid and not directly controlled by the government you should suggest a tax rate for the top bracket. I believe when you have deficits you DON'T cut taxes.
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