Palin has to return the money.

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    A legal defense fund set up for Sarah Palin when she was Alaska governor was illegal, an investigator for the State Personnel Board said Thursday. The investigator, Timothy Petumenos, said the Alaska Fund Trust inappropriately used the word “official” on its Web site to describe it, wrongly implying Ms. Palin’s endorsement as governor. He said, however, that Ms. Palin acted in good faith and relied on lawyers to make sure the fund was lawful. Her lawyer said she would return the money from the fund, which brought in almost $390,000.
  2. Returning $390k for her would be like a normal everyday person having to return $20 bucks to someone.

    Still amazing that you people love to nitpick anything you possibly can about her. Someone that worked for her made the error, yet somehow you like to pretend she was up to something fishy.