Palin had planned a shotgun wedding for her daughter

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  1. Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin attempted to quietly have her daughter Bristol get married before news of her pregnancy leaked out, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER is reporting exclusively in its new issue.

    Palin planned for the wedding to take place right after the Republican National Convention and then she was going to announce the pregnancy.

    But Bristol, 17, refused to go along with the plan and that sparked a mother-daughter showdown over the failed coverup.

    The ultra-conservative governor’s announcement about her daughter’s pregnancy came hours after The ENQUIRER informed her representatives and family members of Levi Johnston, the father of Bristol’s child, that we were aware of the pregnancy and were going to break the news.

    In a preemptive strike Palin released the news, creating political shockwaves.

    The ENQUIRER has also learned that Palin’s family is embroiled in a vicious war that is now exposing her darkest secrets, threatening to destroy her political career.

    Palin’s ongoing war with her ex brother-in-law Mike Wooten, a state trooper, has caused multiple sources to come forward with shocking allegations about the governor.

    Details of those allegations, the family feud, and Palin’s attempt to cover up her teen daughter’s pregnancy are in the new issue of The ENQUIRER.
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    A shotgun wedding to a guy who stated on his MySpace page: "I don't want kids." Yeah, that's gonna turn out great. I feel sorry for the kids.
  3. Oooh, saucy...

    Something tells me Mike Wooten will be useful to some deft democratic strategists.

  4. The bitch is toxic.

    typical trailer trash. Except for her, the entire family barely graduated high school.

    Mother pregnant along with the daughter running around barefoot shooting moose for dinner.

    Abominable that this is what americans choose to represent them in the world stage.

    Next they'll pick up the corner drug dealer or homeless fellow as their secretary of state.